What is Pay Per Click Marketing?



Pay per click marketing  involves advertisers paying fees for each time when user click their ads. It is a method of ‘buying’ visits to your sites. One of the common types of payper click marketing is paid search ad. The most common PPC ad format appears on serp page like google or bing.


Pay Per Click


In digital marketing, Paid search ads appear when a customer wants to buy something online, local searches, or enterprise software. Paid results will only appear on the top of the google page. Advertisers bid on the perceived value of a click in relation  on the keywords, platforms, and audience type. Search engine advertising also known as paid search or search engine marketing is one of the most popular forms of PPC.



How does PPC Work?


Here are the process:

According to the objective choose one campaign.

Set up audiences, locations, schedule, etc.

Then provide maximum bidding strategy and budget.

Provide our landing page URL

Finally Build your Ad.


PPC(Pay Per Click) goals include:


  • Increasing sales
  • Generating leads
  • Promoting brand awareness


Main platforms  are :
Google Ads:  Run on google, search partner sites, and display network sites. Google ads is the largest pay per click platform.



Bing Ads : Bing ads is a pay per click platform showing ads on the Bing and yahoo networks. It is primarily keyword based advertising.



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