What is social media marketing?



social media marketing


Social media marketing also known as SMM it is another digital marketing strategy which sell products or advertising about something through social medias such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

These social media platforms allows every brand connect to audience, to build a brand, increase sales. We need to use the advertising  options provided by social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.




social media marketing

Social Media Ads

By paying to Facebook and Instagram to show our ad to targeted prospects or users. These are a quick and effective way to connect with our audience and we can boost our marketing campaigns. Campaigns are used to promote our business or brands. There are several campaigns to boost up our business.


MEME Marketing

Creating relatable meme content for our business with trending topic. As meme get viral and our brand get more reach.


Influencer Marketing

Choosing a famous face for your brand  of business who have the best set of relatable TA that you need. A social media influencer is a person who has built a loyal audience through social media. Influencer may be Youtuber, blog writer etc.


Paid Media Marketing

This type of marketing are handled by paid placements agency. We need to pay for our advertisement. Paid media is a part of  brand’s overall strategy to boost the traffic, sales by clicking the ads.


Content marketing

This is a process of developing, creating and distributing the whole content inorder to attract our audience to our business. Creating blogpost,videos,podcasts,emails you want and share it.











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